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Amateur Upholsterer

Ha, it’s been awhile but I am back. It was time for some updating and redoing. Before I took my sofa cushions to a professional upholsterer I decided that I had to do something with my recliner/rocker. I didn’t want to get rid of it as I liked the frame and have always enjoyed sitting in it.  So I chose to attempt to cover it with a slip cover. Before I started I searched online …

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We have become a nation of non-readers. Well, not totally or I wouldn’t be writing about one of my favorite authors, Mary Roach. Mary combines science and humor. Think about Albert Einstein’s hair, especially after you’ve read anything Roach! I can’t say I’ve read everything Mary’s written as I imagine piles of scribbles and travel brochures in her office that never made it to the publishers’ deck. At any rate my favorite so far is …

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Memories of Long Ago Winters

Sunday night suppers: scrambled eggs, cinnamon toast and hot cocoa Wool comforters Snow forts (and snowball fights) Ice skating on the pond Running down the lane to the school bus-in a skirt! Wet wraps Nose bleeds in hot class rooms Sledding Warm kitchens-cold bedrooms Filling the wood box Going into the ditch with the car

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That’s for “long time-no see.” I feel like I’ve watched too much Jeopardy! Well, I like to stay busy but just apparently not writing blogs. With the holidays approaching, I thought I’d break with family traditions and make some different treats this year. I have opted for cake pops and fudge. I’ve made the cake pops but not the fudge. Here is how I made the cake pops: First I found a recipe online. I …

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