A Big Fun Project

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Since I can’t stand to waste anything, a while back I had a Eureka moment when I realized I could make doll quilts from the left over fabric from my baby quilt project. After some thought (and time had passed) I purchased material for the doll quilts and as I was cutting them out had a forehead smacking moment when I realized I had lots of fabric already. Well I just ended up with more quilts and showed my true colors: I go for things in a big way!

After some research, I decided to make all the quilts a uniform 18″  My graded self healing mat makes quick work of the cutting process:quilt piecesA variety of ways are available for making the quilt. One can have two pieces of fabric and batting or buy the quilted pieces already assembled. Cut the binding about 2″ and the piece de resistance, the matching pillow anywhere form 5X6 1/2  to 6x 7, with some kind of trim for the pillow. I used a 2′ piece for this also. If you do the quilting by machine, secure the layers before starting to sew:

getting ready to quilt

Now press the binding and trim for the pillow in half, right sides out. Sew the binding to the quilt body. With pillow sides right sides together, sew the trim onto the pillow allowing a big enough opening to add polyester fiber. The finish work is done by hand: finishing the binding to the back of the quilt and closing the pillow. finished quilt and pillowThe final step is the presentation: I used gross grain ribbon and printed tags, sometimes with text, and folded the quilt into a compact bundle so that all features could be readily seen, adding the pillow on top. Here are some I’ve done:

Along with all of life’s other preoccupations, I am enjoying this craft project immensely. ‘Til next time. Ciao!


  1. My, oh my-how cute are these!!! I love the sewing, the patterns and colors and the names and tags. What a great idea to launch with the gifts you enjoy, sewing and crafting! Becky

  2. Oh my, these are so adorable and cute! As I looked at each one, I thought they got cuter and cuter!! Love the applique touch too, so much detail in a small craft, your perfection and love show!

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