Amateur Upholsterer

Ha, it’s been awhile but I am back.

It was time for some updating and redoing. Before I took my sofa cushions to a professional upholsterer I decided that I had to do something with my recliner/rocker. I didn’t want to get rid of it as I liked the frame and have always enjoyed sitting in it.  So I chose to attempt to cover it with a slip cover.

Before I started I searched online for some hints and guidance. I liked She has a six part video. Although my project was not exactly like hers, the premise was the same and I was ready to determine the amount of fabric and go out to find it!

Like miss mustardseed I didn’t remove the original cover. Here I have removed the arm rests and chair padding. The stool is still intact but soon be disassembled.


rocker frame and footstool
rocker frame and footstool







rocker upholstery
rocker upholstery







You can see that the microfiber has seen better days.

I chose a solid color fabric. Since the drapes (curtains really) are patterned I felt I had no choice. But I found some nice upholstery fabric that coordinated very well. It is not too heavy for my portable machines. I also purchased a heavier thread and needles for the fabric.

Now comes the procrastination and nail-biting. That is… it’s time to cut. I didn’t make as many pieces as the original since it didn’t seem necessary. I think it turned out rather well, especially since it was my first attempt. My cat zoned in an it right away!

finished rocker and stool
finished rocker and stool









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  1. You didn’t mention your new post on your task; wow, the chair reupholstered looks fantastic!

    I know what you mean about nail biting to cut the material! Our mother was unfazed and unafraid to jump in with cutting patterns…wish I could have learned her art of fearlessness!

    Your project looks great; maybe a new career!

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