Baby Quilts

strawberry shortcake baby quilt

Only the most hardened of us don’t feel a soft spot somewhere when we see a baby quilt. They can be a variety of sizes and any colors or pattern imagined. So far I have made three baby sized quilts: two especially for babies and one a wall hanging. I’ll start with that one. I bought the fabric back when the Soviet Union broke up. It was summarily folded and stored, hang from a china cabinet for quick reference in school work, then stored again before it was stretched on a quilt frame. This one was easy. I followed the longitude and latitude lines and outlined the smaller nations. It made sense at the time, now I wonder!

map quilt wall hangingThe next quilt I made was supposed to be gender neutral! Well, that didn’t work, I am, after all, a girl if not the most girly girl. And in the end I couldn’t give it away to the person I first intended it for as it took so many hours. (and he was just an acquaintance threatening to go back to the West coast every whip stitch, ha, ha)

feminine colorsbaby quilt backThe back of the quilt is a butterfly pattern. I thought it coordinated well with the front and I liked the butterflies. So this is not given yet as a gift but is ready to go.

Next I made a quilt for an unborn baby who is known to be a girl and is named already. Since I have a number of baby quilts ready to stretch, that is, blocked and with binding attached, I knew just the one I wanted to quilt for this baby. It’s pink with Strawberry Shortcake and a number of unpatterned pink panels that I decided to embroider. Since she was named I embroidered her name on the upper left. After that the other panels looked empty so I mirrored images in the other patterns: a flower, hearts, a bug, strawberries, a bow and a basket. And no the basket does not appear anywhere but I was running out of choices.

strawberry shortcake baby quilt

I also, when I began assembling these quilts, I made a small square that I thought I would frame. Then the idea evolved into a wall hanging and finally into a pillow. I added lace trim. The bunny looks a little confused to me.

matching doll pillowWell, there you have it. Lots of fun and many hours, quilting baby quilts!





  1. Wow, so beautiful and gorgeous! Your talents remind me of Mother and Grandma Lehman (:) The babies will be blessed who get to use these beauties (and have to say, I would have kept the butterfly quilt a while in order to enjoy. Love what you did with the world map (as we knew it!) and also Strawberry Shortcake (a classic!)

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