Fall Garden Update


hardy broccoliWell, the snow is on the ground and the temps are quite brisk so I thought I’d share the results of my fall garden. This is the best I’ve ever done!

fresh radishThe radishes were prolific,

spinachthe spinach was OK and

beetsthe beets would have been better if I’d been more patient.

broccoli headThe broccoli is so slow growing that when temperatures in the teens with single digit wind chills were predicted I decided to cut my losses and harvested the flowerets.

crisp lettuceIn all I found it quite satisfying to be able to go out to the garden and get lettuce and/or spinach for a salad. I just recently enjoyed the broccoli. Did it taste better than store bought? I like to think it did!

Here is a really nice recipe I found for warm beet salad in a book titled Cooking for Madam by Marta Sgulin. Marta first came to the U.S. as nanny to the Kennedy children in 1969 but stayed with Jackie until her death cooking daily and helping with all kinds of special functions.

*boil 5-6 beets in water to just cooked, cool enough to peel (skins slip right off) then julienne.

*make a dressing of 2 t. sugar and 1 1/2 T. Balsamic vinegar. Toss beets in dressing with salt to taste.

Very tasty indeed! No wonder Jackie asked Marta to stay on and cook for her.

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  1. I love the pictures from your fall garden; I am quite proud of my sister’s green themb, inherited from a long line of great gardeners! The snow made me shiver, but I could indeed imagine a tasty warm red beet salad to enjoy with that tasty dressing! And, I can modify with our plant sterol to reduce the sugar. Love this post, as all of them bring a unique perspective to living and enjoying the country life!

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