June is Rhyme Time

Today I decided to write some haiku. By definition haiku is a Japanese verse of three unrhymed lines of 5-7-5 syllables, a total of 17 syllables, often on the subject of nature. Here is my haiku written just this morning:

Yellow Bird

I stand by the window

a yellow bird zig-zags past

it makes me happy

Haiku is easy to write. Another rhyme form that’s easy to write is a limerick. I have written several limericks in years past. I just spent a good part of an hour looking for my poetry book but put that task aside as the day is wearing away. I will find it someday and perhaps post a few more. However this is one limerick I wrote that has stuck with me. A limerick is 5 lines long with even cadence, the 1st, 2nd and 5th lines each rhyme and the 3rd and 4th rhyme with each other. Nonsense and often in questionable taste, the form was popularized by Edward Lear. Here is mine:

There once was an old man who farted

When the gas blew, his checks- they just parted.

He said, “whoops, I just blew it”

His company-they knew it

and quickly and promptly departed.


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  1. too funny; you mentioned you were searching for a book on our call, but in my haste, I failed to ask what book you were looking for!
    How interesting, what a great post! I might have to organize my swirling thoughts and just try my hand at haiku!
    Blessings, B

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