That’s for “long time-no see.” I feel like I’ve watched too much Jeopardy!

Well, I like to stay busy but just apparently not writing blogs.

With the holidays approaching, I thought I’d break with family traditions

and make some different treats this year. I have opted for cake pops

and fudge. I’ve made the cake pops but not the fudge. Here is how I made

the cake pops:
First I found a recipe online. I made the cake. Let cool and crumbled it.

chocolate cake crumbled
chocolate cake crumbled
red velvet cake crumble
red velvet cake crumble

Next I added the frosting: about 12 oz. for one cake. All the recipes caution

using too much frosting. Now make the mix  into balls. I formed mine right

away and it worked fine but some recipes say it’s easier to cool the mix.

cake crumbs and frosting
cake crumbs and frosting
red velvet cake balls
red velvet cake balls


Now is the time you definitely want to cool. I let mine overnight, well covered

but at least 6 hours or you could freeze them a few minutes.

When you get ready to cover them with the confection, melt the chocolate,

either in the microwave or in a double boiler. I broke the 2 middle tongs out

of a plastic fork and rested the pop on it over the chocolate; then spooned over

to cover. I used Ghirardelli’s white chocolate baking bar (nothing added) and

semi-sweet chocolate chips. Just be sure to add 1 tsp. shortening to each cup

of chips that you use. I garnished mine with shaved white chocolate and the

white that was left from covering the pops.

There you have it. My first attempt at cake pops. Very rich but hey! it’s the holidays.

red velvet cake pops with white chocolate bark
red velvet cake pops with white chocolate bark

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  1. yummy! oh my, I have to try these too!
    So creative to re-purpose the plastic fork (better than the price I paid for the ‘handy gadget’ for dipping chocolate, which is one single purpose not rugged enough to try for anything other than dipping chocolate!)
    I just lost the Thanksgiving lbs too! Oh well, it is the holidays!

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