May 29, 2013

is World MS Day. MS affects the central nervous system and advances in research make MS more manageable, with the hope of restoring lost function and will one day end MS for good. Relapsing MS, the most common form, has treatment options that less than two decades ago were not available. Right now there are 350 research projects around the world to speed research. Between 2 to 3 times more women are diagnosed than men.

Dr. Samuel Milham who has a long career in public health and occupational disease, in1980 hypothesized that MS was caused by vitamin D deficiency. Subsequent studies have verified his theories.

Visit to find out more and how you can become a part of this global movement.


  1. Thank you, you didn’t mention your post! But, honored you would pick MS to share; the doctor who spoke at my seminar said the research is very promising, with a cure on the horizon as soon as 10 years!
    We can hope…

    1. I’m happy the research has made such progress and has so much promise. After I posted I read about an awareness activity called “Hopscotch for MS” Sounded like fun.

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