Memories of Long Ago Winters

Sunday night suppers: scrambled eggs, cinnamon toast and hot cocoa

Wool comforters

Snow forts (and snowball fights)

Ice skating on the pond

Running down the lane to the school bus-in a skirt!

Wet wraps

Nose bleeds in hot class rooms


Warm kitchens-cold bedrooms

Filling the wood box

Going into the ditch with the car


  1. Fun, enjoyed reading your note (and remembered the last one!) Adding few more which came to mind while reading the ones you shared…tractors plowing snow on the driveway and lanes, the aroma of sugar cookies baking, the smell of wood smoke coming from the fire warming us and sitting on Grandma Lehman’s kitchen radiator with two thick phone books to keep our bottoms from burning!
    Thank you for sharing, wonderful memories (although at the time, I’m sure I did my share of complaining!)

    1. Ha! Liked the memory of the radiator. I also hated getting out from under the warm covers; the bedrooms were so cold but I find I like sleeping in a colder bedroom better than a warm bedroom now. It’s fun remembering isn’t it?

      1. I enjoyed reading the original post as well as the second memories you added…I do remember the cold upstairs bedrooms (and cleaning and dusting them on cold winter days!) I’m afraid I’d made a poor pioneer woman (thinking of having to hang wet laundry on clothesline outside because no other way to dry!) I do remember Mom putting our damp clothes on the LR radiator finish drying and humidify the air! Nice to remember, a fun post, thanks!

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