New Garden Plot

white and purple crocus

This spring I have started a new garden plot. So I have my old garden, low garden and now the new garden. Will I run out of names soon? It’s about 6′ X 18′. It would have been a bit bigger but I didn’t feel like removing a stump so the width is shorter with the stump at the edge. The moles are having a fine time right now, feeding on grubs from the roots of the Elm tree.

I am making a double dug garden. That is, one removes the sod:

digginglays it aside for later use and then removes another 6″ or so, until the depth is about 12″

double diggingNext, alongside the first trench, which is ready to be filled, take the sod beside it and throw it upside down into the first trench. One now has the beginning of the second trench. Dig the second trench to the right depth and throw that soil on top of the first trench.

Continue with trenches until you are satisfied with the area you want. Take the reserved sod and place it upside down in the last trench and the reserved soil from the first trench and finish the last trench. Now you see my bed ready for planting. This was done Saturday, March 23. One might say it takes a strong back and a weak mind!

double dug gardenToday, march 24th we here in the Midwest are scheduled for a late season snow storm which has brought a foot of snow to the plain states already so I thought I’d get a head start and plant a few early vegetables. I planted 3 kinds of lettuce (yum, yum), spring onions, carrots, spinach and beets. I also transplanted 22 volunteer Ponderosa Pines found under my 75 + year old pines elsewhere in my yard. I was thrilled to find them and hope they make it. Hey, it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Here are my transplants;

Ponderrosa pine transplantsand here I have made a mulch with some needles from branches the wind blew down.

pine mulchLast but not least, the crocus are blooming, the daffodils and Jonquils are in bud, the hyacinths and tulips are showing and the Narcissus are just breaking the surface. Has anyone heard the saying: if Easter is early, spring will be late?

white and purple crocus



  1. Love the ‘double dug’ technique…and I think it’s a smart mind which understands the benefits of the nitrogen you’ve added to the soil. It will continue to break down and feed the earth, worms, plant roots and hold moisture when the weather finally dries out.
    Thanks for sharing what you planted; the salad fixin’s you’ve planted sound wonderful for a delightfully cool summer salad when it finally warms up (which it will!)
    Also love looking at your Ponderosa pines, lots of hard work!

    1. Love gardening. Pleased that you liked my technique. It’s not an original idea. I do not have any grass making an appearance as yet!

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