pink phlox

I recently was required to take a class on dementia and here is my problem with what I learned: those suffering from dementia are still themselves, just trapped in a confused mind but have a sense of who they are; and according to the learned professionals of mental health,they are not responsible for their actions. So my question is: if they still have a sense of themselves why are they freed from responsibility? Now, in case anyone reads this rant, I am not questioning validation therapy or the other techniques used to control those who suffer but am wondering as a whole within our society, will anyone soon be responsible for what they do? It seems to be a reflection of the direction we as Americans can expect to continue to see in our future.

*Am including a nice picture of a summer flower to show the readers how mentally healthy I am! Phlox get their name from a Greek word meaning flame. Many species exist including perennial and annual and may be white, blue, violet, pink and bright red. Some are upright and some creeping. The wildflower Sweet William is a variety of phlox. Butterflies and moths are attracted to this pretty plant. It’s a native of North America.


  1. Good thoughts to share, kinda like giving everyone a free pass ‘just because’. like the saying ‘I’m responsible for nothing but accountable for everything!’
    In the interest of pursuing this year resolution, I recommend a read of any of our founding fathers biographies or several (Hamilton, Jefferson, Franklin, Washington. They were hard on themselves and each other to establish thre freedoms Americans know today.)
    I love the picture you included in this post, the pink phlox is beautiful against the grey rock wall and the green grass. If you took it yourself, you are genius! Pretty combination of color, light and composition!

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